Dr. Boren is an authorized dealer for Biofreeze.  

Our Patients deserve the very best, so we recommend Biofreeze Pain Relievers for home use between office visits.

Applied topically at home, Biofreeze Pain Relievers can help patients and athletes reduce aches and pains commonly found in the lower back, neck, shoulder, knee and hip, as well as the ankle, elbow and wrist joints.

For joint pain, fully coat the area. When flexibility is decreased due to injury or arthritis, apply around the joint. Biofreeze Pain Relievers are particularly effective in lessening pain associated with arthritis.

Biofreeze® Pain Relievers

Biofreeze Pain Relieving Products are extremely effective in helping people who have trouble sleeping due to nagging pain & discomfort. Users report receiving a full night of undisturbed sleep when Biofreeze Pain Relievers are applied just prior to bedtime. Be sure to get a personal Gel, Roll-On or Spray for home use.