Spring-Time Brings Special Back Strains

All that extra Spring-time activity can be a real pain. This article can help you decide if it’s serious.

Well, the flowers are blooming and the grass is growing again. OK, now you’ve really over done it this time! When you reach for the alarm clock this morning, your back sends you a message: YEOW!!!!

The chances are really good that you overdid it the day before in the great outdoors. “How?” you ask yourself. Well, let us consider the various ways. It could have been the three hours you spent bent over weeding your garden and putting in tender plants. Or perhaps it was you helping your neighbor move his old piano. Certainly that daily jog around the neighborhood you have started taking as the days get longer – and the warm Spring air felt so good that you doubled your usual distance – that didn’t help.

Whatever it was, Dr. Boren has seen it many times before… hundreds of times. Our muscles do two things: they help us move and they protect us. Often strained mucles can cause misalignments of the spine which then can then trigger that shooting back and neck pain. Whenever your back “locks up,” in layman’s terms, that’s how it says you’ve done too much. Then, when that happens, You’ll say, “Hmm, what did I do?”

Identifying the source of your pain, at that point, is secondary. Initially, most people just want relief. Self-treatment with ibuprofen, ice and bed rest is a good place to start. The day it happens, it is often difficult to tell how severe an injury is. We see a lot of people and their pain is very severe, and the next day it’s gone. with these treatments, pain should subside in one or two days. However, if it’s longer than that, it’s time to come see Dr. Boren.

The problem with most self treatment is that most people wait too long and their symptoms get worse. Often, back pain becomes neck pain and headaches, too. Often people don’t call us the first day their back hurts, and that is a good strategy. However, if it has been two days of pain it is definitely time to see Dr. Boren.

Most of the time our patients come to see us because the Advil didn’t work and the pain is getting worse. Too often we see patients after they have been bothered for a week, or even a month. At that point, Dr. Boren’s job as a chiropractor is made more difficult as he is often dealing with more than a simple strain. Remember: sudden back pain often isn’t a freak occurrence, but a compilation of problems that eventually lead to acute pain. It is just the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Poor posture at work, always hurriedly loading your toddler into a car seat in an awkward position, or poor lifting mechanics aggravate back problems for weeks or months until the breaking point occurs and then you wake up one morning in screaming agony.

Pain is not the problem, it is just the byproduct of the problem. When back or neck pain strike, do not hesitate… give Dr. Boren a call.

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